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2 February, 2018
If you are contemplating about having a pet at your home, make sure that you have made a thorough research to check if you can handle the great responsibility of being a pet-owner especially if you have a child. It is not enough that you love animals. You should have at least an idea how to give.. more+
16 December, 2017
You should not get surprised to know the fact that using energy at home costs money. However, there are even some people who receives electricity bills with great shock. Now it is a high time to look at how you can save the most energy and the most money. Saving energy is not only necessary to lower your.. more+
16 December, 2017
Infertility is the very common problem now a day. We are all busy today and the stress we bear in our mind and body leads to infertility. Infertility may make you feel unhappy and dejected and it becomes very much difficult to speak about it. This does not mean that you face it alone. It would be better.. more+
16 December, 2017
In this era, there is hardly any home without a freezer.  We are all busy today, so we do not have much time to go to the market to get fresh vegetables and cook every day. Thus, we buy the vegetables once in a week and try to store them for the rest of the week. Not only in case of vegetables but.. more+
16 December, 2017
It is considered that eyes are our most cherished things among our other senses. We tend to damage our eyes while we go outside in the sun for any reason. Eventually the rays of the sun can seriously damage our eyes and surrounding skin. It sometimes leads to loss of vision and conditions from cataracts.. more+
16 December, 2017
There is hardly anyone on this earth who does not love to have pets. Some people love to keep dog, cats, birds etc as their pet. Loving a pet does not only mean to give food and love but also it is necessary to take proper care of your pet. Proper care means vaccination of your pet on right time. As.. more+