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24 September, 2018
Personal style is considered to be the best but finding out the right personal style could be a bit struggling one. Personal style is often called to be a “Signature Style” and this style is often too heavily weighted on the celebrity style icons. Style is as much about knowing about yourself.. more+
6 June, 2018
Looking gorgeous is the thing that every woman loves to have. However, there are few woman who always look gorgeous despite of their skin color. Some women prefer to look natural and others like to look glam. Some do not know how to pull off one or the other. This would help you to highlight your natural.. more+
4 May, 2018
With the passing time we get aged and it is often seen through our skin. Aging does not mean that you cannot add youth and vigor to your look. Aging is in our minds. Therefore, in order to look ten years younger you can follow many makeup, hair, and wardrobe tricks. Doing such tricks or make up is not the.. more+
19 February, 2018
Winter has already come and we are facing problems such as dry and dull skin, chapped lips, flaky skin etc. Among all the skin problems chapped lips are most problematic during this winter. In order to smoothen our chapped lips most of us use this Vaseline petroleum. Apart from curing the chapped lips.. more+
23 August, 2016
We all love to dress perfectly for any occasion and also desire to get some compliments from others. In order to get good compliments from others it is essentially to dress according to your body type and not simply copying others. Therefore, it is very much essential to know about your body type before.. more+
23 August, 2016
"Fashion is about something that comes from within you". We all have heard these words but we do not about the real meaning of fashion or what is fashion all about.  There are many opinions regarding fashion. Some people say that it is something that we deal with everyday.. more+