About Libra ( 23rd September to 22nd October)

sun-sign-libra.pngSymbol :The Scales
Lucky Element :Air
Lucky Stone :Turquoise and Sapphire
Lucky Day :Friday
Lucky Numbers :6, 9, 15, 24, 33, 42, 51 and 60
Lucky Color :Blue and Green
Libra is Compatible with :Aquarius, Gemini, Sagittarius and Aries

Libra, represented by "the Scales" is the seventh sign of the Zodiac and is governed by planet Venus. This Zodiac sign is called "Tula Rashi" according to Indian or Vedic astrology. A person who is born during the Virgo birth phase is normally very Artistic, flair for fairness, honest and friendly, friendly, sometimes indecisive and confused, diplomatic, cooperative and sincere, trustworthy, fearful but well abled, kind and courteous, agreeable and charming, delightful and indolent, modest, sensual, can be selfish at times. People born during the Libra birth phase are called Librans. Librans are said to be the most civilized of all the twelve zodiacs. Librans tend to be very well spoken, polished, lover of beauty, calm and peace and loves music and art.

These people are very supportive by nature and sensitive to the needs of their companions and partners. They tend to be good team players and don't have ego problem at all. They have a great attitude towards work and are compatible with most people and are tolerant towards other's failures. They tend to be the greatest of partner as they are very understanding. Librans have a low compatibility with Cancer and Capricorn.

Librans are very are forgiving and kind and don't take offence easily. They don't quite like the status-quo attitude and prefer things to change gradually and slowly maintain a balance between expectations and stability. These people are very musical as they like to create and listen to music. Librans tend to be good writers, musicians, bankers, interior designer, civil servants, welfare and NGO workers. They are peaceful and harmonious and are very intellectual. Libra rules the seventh house of the horoscope and the corresponding card in Tarot is that of the "Queen of Swords" .

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