Like Horoscope and Astrology, the concept of Numerology is quite fascinating in our lives as the numerology numbers is the soul of all life. In order to know what is numerology and what it means in your life, you must have a clear concept about numerology. The concept of Numerology is a well-known stream of science and has been traced about 10,000 years back from Egypt and Babylonia. Pythagoras,  a Greek person whose name has been immortalised for the development of the main theorems which lead to the foundation of modern mathematics. He understood that the real meaning of the immaterial meaning of numbers and the relationships lies between the numerology numbers. But the modern concept about numerology has been evolved in the 20th century by an American, L. Dow Balliet and now people are taking interest in the numerology not only to know about their own personality but also about what lies in the future.

So according to the modern concept, numerology is the study of numbers which is used to know a person’s character, numerology compatibility between two or more people, potency and ability, hindrances, personal requirement, emotional response as well as the methods to deal with others etc. People realize that keeping a good relationship with near and dear ones is difficult and think why commitments don’t work out ? The answer to this question is very simple. People do not consult the numerology horoscope reading before committing which is very essential in life.

In many occasions, a good Numerology reading can rightly clarify the reasons for weak relationship either between two friends, lovers or married couples. In Numerology section there are different numerology readings such as life path number, year number, month number, personal day number and many more.  With the help of different numerology calculator you can have your own numerology predictions in life to make strong bond with your desired persons in life.

This segment of EzineAstrology tries to share out everything that has to deal with numbers. Basically this segment includes applications that cover almost every aspect of your life and personality like "Numerology Calculator", "Daily Numerology"," Your Life Path Number", "Birthday Numerology", "Personal Day Numerology", "Passion Number", "Wedding Reading"  and yet many more to come. We recommend taking these predictions from us safely and implementing them to bring about good and positive changes in your life while keeping things fun and interesting.

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