Chinese Astrology

The chinese astrology tends to be a complex subject and it has been flourished thousand years back. Like all other astrology, the chinese astrology is also a divination to predict future. Actually the Chinese astrology was invented for three reasons by the Chinese and these are as follows.

  1. To forecast the future.
  2. To determine the luck of a person by the placement of the major planets.
  3. To find out which days are perfect to start a particular work, like a wedding ceremony or a new business enterprise.

The chinese astrology has its base from the traditional astronomy and Chinese calendar. In fact the chinese astrology tends to have dense relation with the chinese philosophy (concept of heaven, earth and water). The chinese astrology utilizes the principles of yin and yang. According to chinese belief yin and yang are two magnetic poles one positive and one negative and are found in everything, living or non-living. In fact they compose everything that are existing in the world and cause everything in the universe, be it flood or drought. Yin and Yang tends to be incomplete without each other.

Like Western and Indian astrology the chinese astrology also have twelve chinese zodiac signs but the chinese astrology tends to be little different from western, Indian and other astrology. In the western astrology the zodiac signs changes with the month. For example: - people born between the date July 23 - August 22 will have the Leo sign, but in chinese astrology the chinese astrological signs tend to change every year. With the help of the different chinese astrology calculator you will be able to know about your future. In fact the chinese astrology chart discloses some marvellous facts not only about your character and lifestyle but also about the things that are required in life, like with the help of "Daily Feng Shui" you will able to bring the positive vibes in your home.

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