1.Is free to use?

Answer- Yes is free to use. At present we don't charge for any of our services.

2. Do you guarantee the correctness of prediction?

Answer- No, we don't guarantee anything. The site is for entertainment purpose only. However we have taken utmost care to be very accurate.

3. I am facing problem using the website. What should I do? E.G - An application is not working.

Answer- Please email us at We would fix the bug and rectify the problem ASAP. We would notify you once done.

4. Is my information safe with you?

Answer- Your information is absolutely safe with us. We take your privacy very seriously and take utmost care to make sure it's safe with us. We don't spam you or sell your information to any third party. Your peace of mind is our priority.

5. I want to suggest some improvement?

Answer-Please feel free to express your opinions, suggestions or feedback by mailing us at We take each and every comment very seriously and work on it.