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Every day is not similar like the other day and each day we have different state of mind in the same way we all are different from one another and have different thinking and perception ability. All these differences in human beings are because of our different zodiac signs and personality we possess. Ego, pride, self-importance, and arrogance are all dependent upon the different zodiac signs. The different zodiac signs and personality that we have, are the affect of different planets and stars.

All the astrological personalised readings have their source on the principle that there must be some connection between the human and the incidents that take place in this world is due to the astronomical phenomena that occurs. The predictions of the personalised readings are based on the date of birth.

Your birth date would give you a brief outline about your certain characteristics you will have in your personality, habits and behaviours. You will also able to know your weakness and the drawbacks you might have so that you are able to understand yourself better. Self knowledge is power and the personalised readings are helpful for you in the every stage of your life! With the help of different personalised readings applications you will get to know about your characteristics as well as about your abilities to do on a certain day.

This segment of EzineAstrology is mainly connected with everything that is related to you and your luck. This category is mainly concerned with basic astrology tailored to match your needs as an individual. This segment of Personalized Readings includes applications like “Zodiac Sign”, “Zodiac Readings”, “Your Day”, “Chakras”, “Bio-Rhythm Chart” and many more to come soon. Applications like “Zodiac Sign”, “Zodiac Readings”, “Your Day” not only gives you the detailed knowledge about your personalized zodiac but also helps you to know about your abilities and the state of mind based on the ruling planets. With the help of Chakra you will be able to find out the position of different Chakras in your body and also your own governing chakra and finally generating your Bio-Rhythm Chart.

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