What is Astrology? What is the significance of astrology in your lives? These are the frequent questions that you are likely to deal in your lives. If you ask these questions to others then you are likely to get various definitions on the basis of people's understanding on this topic. In reality Astrology is a term that has been derived from two roots – 'aster' means star, and 'logos' means logic which means 'star logic'. The term "Astrology" is considered to be the oldest among all other sciences and it is likely to be attached with the patterns of heaven and with the occurrences of the earth. So for many years, the human beings always looked above the sky for guidance.

We all know that the nature, traits, personality or positive and negative sides of the human beings are not only influenced by hereditary or environment but also these things in human beings are influenced by stars and planets which were attached at the time of our birth. The position of the planets and planetary strength takes on different forms based on the zodiacal position.  In this way the planets and stars relate to one another and hence influencing our lives in different ways.

Astrology has influenced your life so much that now a day you use astrology not only to predict your future but also to predict you and your associated one's day to day events and moods.  In India people generally practice Indian astrology and Vedic astrology in their daily lives and also take major decisions on the science of astrology but in the western people take Western Astrology as a form of entertainment only. Still they are likely to consult the Western Astrology to predict their future as well as to predict daily activities.

This segment of EzineAstrology is mainly connected with everything that is related to different forms of astrology such as Indian Astrology, Western Astrology, Vedic astrology etc. These categories are tailored to match your needs as an individual as well as give you the detailed knowledge about those who are associated with you.

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