About Mercury

Gender- Respective gender of the sign where Mercury is located
Zodiac Sign Ruled- Gemini and Virgo
Houses Ruled- Third and Sixth houses of your Birth chart
Exalted in- Virgo
Colors - Blue, Green and Lime

Mercury is called the Ruler of Communication, Intellect and Awareness. The Mercury has a great influence on your Mind, communication talent , intelligence and reasoning capabilities, ability to perceive relationships between imagination and reality, situation and people. The Roman Deity for Mercury is "Mercury", Greek God for Sun is " Hermes ", and according to Hindu Religious beliefs, Mercury God is known as "Budha " ("God known for Intelligence"). The weekday Wednesday is being ruled by this Planet Mercury is symbolically represented by a winged helmet and caduceus.

When the Mercury is positioned favourably in your Birth chart then you normally find yourself good at communication, likely to be an intelligent, clever and witty person . You also tend to provide others with emotional support emerging yourself and others as better human beings. A true Mercurial nature would be someone who has dexterity in movements, perceptive and quick in performing activities. Mercury has its influence in the realm of imagination and unreality. Mercury removes misunderstanding by ensuring smooth flow of information. Mercury is represented by the crescent, the circle and the cross. Mercury exerts its influence on the nervous system, eyes, ears and mind of a human being.

Mercury takes about 88 days to complete its orbit of the zodiac. So it stays on each on each sign for about 7 days which is not constant all the time.Mercury is also known as the Messenger of God and called the "Planet of Communication"