About Neptune

Gender- Feminine
Zodiac Sign Ruled- Pisces
Houses Ruled- Twelfth house of your Birth chart
Exalted in- Leo
Colors - Magenta, Turquoise and Green

Neptune, the calm planet is known as the "God of the Sea" in Zodiac .Neptune represents Sensitivity towards others and environment around you, idealism, compassion, faith and spiritual knowledge , spiritual strength and morality, creativity and expression, your imaginative nature and creativeness, intuitiveness, sentimental ego, indecisiveness and hypersensitiveness. The Roman Deity for Neptune is " Neptune ", the Greek God for Neptune is " Poseidon " and according to Hindu Religious beliefs, Neptune is known as " Varuna " (God of the Sea). Varuna is also known as the God of Rain according to ancient Indian mythology. The weekday Friday is being ruled by this Planet and is symbolically represented by the famous Neptune's Trident.

Neptune is also called the "Planet of illusion" as it has a role to play with dreams, illusion and the art of deception. Sleep and dreams are ruled by this planet. Neptune rules glamour too and has a role to play in Fashion, film, theatre, movie, Television where glamour and style plays a major role. Neptune rules feet, blood circulation, memory, emotional and mental strength , bronchial and parathyroid glands and influences diseases like Aids, anxiety and depression, alcoholism and various types of addiction.

Neptune takes about 165 years to complete a full cycle of the Zodiac which means it stays on each Zodiac sign for roughly 14 years.