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How to Look 10 Years Younger

With the passing time we get aged and it is often seen through our skin. Aging does not mean that you cannot add youth and vigor to your look. Aging is in our minds. Therefore, in order to look ten years younger you can follow many makeup, hair, and wardrobe tricks. Doing such tricks or make up is not the only solution. The basic thing behind the make up is the proper take care of our skin. So, before doing the make up tricks follow the basic rules below to look younger than your age.

  • Using Facial Cleanser

You must use facial cleanser every day. You must make sure that you choose a cleanser that is gentle, and which is not excessive oily. If your cleanser is too harsh, then it may dry out your skin and cause you to age more quickly. You must be sure that the cleanser is meant for your age group and not for teenagers and that it is said to be moisturizing and gentle for your skin. You should use the cleanser before you wear any makeup. If you are not in a habit of using facial cleanser then you should get in the habit of using one, especially if you are older. Cleanser removes the traces of chemicals from your environment as well as any makeup that can cause aging if you leave it on your skin for too long.

  • Moisturizing

You must always moisturize your face after cleansing. It is very important to moisturize your skin as it helps to keep you look fresh and clean. It also cleanses all the harmful materials present in your face. You must find a moisturizer that is made for "anti-aging" and which has deep moisturizing effects. Men can benefit from this product just as much as women can.

  • Protect your skin from the sun

Facial cleanser and moisturizer is important for your face but protecting from the sun is also equally important. Sunblock is not meant for the beach. If you really want to look ten years younger, then you must wear sun protection any time you step out into the sun. It would be wise if you can find a moisturizer that already contains SPF, which can keep your face from drying up as well as protecting your face from the sun. Premature face is the result of sun damage so make sure you must wear at least a SPF of 15 every day. If you do not apply sun protection then you may end up with wrinkles, brown spots, and a complexion that is duller than you want it to be. You should not just apply the sunscreen on your face but also apply it on the tops of your hands, your arms, your chest, or any other part of your body that will be exposed to the sun. Sunscreen products will help you to keep your face, hands and chest away from having those age spots.

  • Exfoliation

You must exfoliate your skin. Exfoliating is another practice you should get used to if you want your skin to start looking younger. It will make your skin feel softer and will make it look brighter, while leaving you feeling refreshed. After exfoliating you must make sure you pick the right cream that is meant for people in your age bracket so that it is as gentle as it needs to be. You must make a habit of making exfoliation part of your daily routine. However, do not over exfoliate. Twice a week is advisable.

  • Use your facial hair to your advantage

 This is what both men and women should do with their facial hair to look ten years younger.  In case of women, they should aim to keep their eyebrows pretty and thick. You may think that super thin eyebrows make you look sexy but they will actually make you look older. As you age and your eyebrows thin out a bit. You must choose a pencil the same size as your brows to fill out your brows to keep your face looking youthful. Having thicker brows will keep your face looking young and full. For me, they should keep their face shaved or trimmed. Too much of scruffy facial hair makes them look older than they really are. You will be surprised by how much younger you will instantly look if you just trim or shave that facial hair.

  • Wear the right makeup

There are countless tricks that can help you to make yourself look younger just by applying makeup in the right way. The best use of makeup not only hides your blemishes but also it emphasizes your best features, bringing your face to life. Here are a few tricks that you should try:

Use creamy concealer: Waxy concealer can cake around your wrinkles and will make you look older than you really are. When it comes to concealer, wearing less of it can actually make you look younger. If you wear too much, it will emphasize your wrinkles instead of covering up your imperfections.

Use blush correctly: You must just a dab at the height of your cheekbones will do the trick. Putting it in the hollows of your cheeks will actually make you look even older. This is because your face tends to thin out as you get older and using blush this way will make your face look even thinner.

Substitute your black eyeliner for brown: Black is the common color and it will start to look too harsh on your face as you get older, so choose the more subtle brown colors to frame your eyes. You can even smudge your eyeliner so that you can get a more natural and younger look.

Emphasize your lashes: You must try thickening mascara, curling your lashes or even trying thickening agents on your lashes to make yourself look younger. As you age, your lashes will thin out and you can work on counteracting this.

Wear simple lipstick: It would be wise if you just use a nice light shade of pink. It can do the trick. If you line and color your lips too much then it will look like you are trying too hard. Your lips will naturally thin out as you age so you can thicken them out a bit. If you overdo it then it would make you look older and you will not get the look you really want. Any woman can also look for the perfect shade of red to emphasize her lips. For example: brick or tomato colors can be the way to go for a more dramatic but not too dramatic look around your lips.

Maintaining age and look requires few steps. Hope, you will follow these simple instructions which will help you to look younger than your age.