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24 September, 2018
There are many people who want to keep pets. Among all the pets, fish could be a wonderful pets. They do not ask much from us. They are beautiful and soothing to watch and they are fun to have around. Even better, you can always manage more fish than you would ever be able to deal with lots of puppies or.. more+
6 June, 2018
Pets are very special for the owners. In fact we love to keep pets but we get afraid of either training them or we do not have much space to keep those pets in our home. If you want to have a pet then it is very important to train the pet so that it does not get afraid of our relatives. Therefore, during.. more+
4 May, 2018
Birds are extremely social by nature, and thrive on company, nurturing, and frequent interaction. Many species of birds make fun, engaging pets. If you’re considering bird ownership, the care requirements include providing good housing, nutritious food, and keeping an eye on the bird’s health... more+
2 February, 2018
If you are contemplating about having a pet at your home, make sure that you have made a thorough research to check if you can handle the great responsibility of being a pet-owner especially if you have a child. It is not enough that you love animals. You should have at least an idea how to give.. more+
16 December, 2017
There is hardly anyone on this earth who does not love to have pets. Some people love to keep dog, cats, birds etc as their pet. Loving a pet does not only mean to give food and love but also it is necessary to take proper care of your pet. Proper care means vaccination of your pet on right time. As.. more+
16 December, 2017
If you are an owner of a pet then it is essential to take proper care of your pet as it will lead your pet to a happy and healthy animal. There are many problems for your pet and these problems can affect the skin of your pet. We all know that skin is the largest organ in the body and the main function of.. more+