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26 June, 2018
In the early decade there was hardly any way to propose. All arrangements were done by the elders and parents of the family and the youngsters had to act accordingly. However, now things have changed a lot and now the youngsters select their life partner by their own choice. So they try hard to impress.. more+
6 June, 2018
Every woman in a relationship does not worry much regarding being cheated by their partner. In fact all partners do not cheat but there are few partner who tend to have the tendency to cheat their wives. It becomes impossible for any woman to know whether their partners are cheating them as we always.. more+
6 June, 2018
There are hardly anyone who wants to end up their relationship. However, if you are in toxic relationship then leaving the toxic relationship would be the best thing. In fact, it is seen that toxic relationships come in all different shapes and sizes. Maybe your husband belittles you and mocks your hopes.. more+
4 May, 2018
Many people think that marriage is full of wonders but in reality it is full of responsibilities. So we can call marriage to be a combination of wonders and responsibilities. Marrying the man or woman we admire and love the most is surely a dream come true but most of us find it hard to mix and mingle.. more+
19 February, 2018
It is very difficult to find and keep true friends. True friends are those friends who will be there for you, would not judge you and will stick up for you even if you both have different wave length of mind. It can be really difficult to find and make real friends. However, it would be possible if you.. more+
19 February, 2018
Having huge relatives does not imply that you will get well with each and every member. Among them there are certain relatives who are really annoying so their visit at your place becomes a nightmare. However, annoying relatives are certainty in every one’s life. Dealing with such relatives means.. more+
19 February, 2018
It is said that a relationship is like a banana: the more you peel, the more you will taste the sweetness. This phrase is absolutely true in case of long distance relationship. A long distance relationship takes many things to survive such as patience, communication, determination and above all the trust... more+