In our life the concept of the Horoscope is a quite mesmerising and thrilling one and we try to find out the exact definition and the affects of the horoscope in our daily life. In order to know the effects of the horoscopes in our life we must have the clear concept about the Horoscope. Horoscope is an astrological map or diagram which signifies the location of the heavenly planets and sensitive angles at the time of birth. In fact horoscope is the Natal or Birth Chart of a person. With the help of the horoscope we are able to know the zodiac signs of a person and their personality. The word HOROSCOPE has been taken from the Greek word which means "a look at the hours”. In simple words Horoscope literally means “hour scope”.

The creation of horoscope chart is made from the Ptolemaic system. In this system the earth is fixed and the other planets move around it in fixed patterns. This system divides the heavens in twelve portions and each portion is ruled by the different zodiac signs like Aries, Taurus, Gemini etc. The horoscope chart can also be calculated for an event, a question, and even a country! The format of a horoscope chart differs from country to country as well as from culture to culture. In English the horoscope is also known as the astrological chart.

The Horoscope discloses the essential information that is set within your name and date, time and place of your birth. The horoscope reading not only gives you the perfect advice about your personality but also about your horoscope compatibility, love horoscope, health, career, financial etc. We consult daily horoscope, weekly horoscope and monthly horoscope to get the right guidance and advices regarding life's most important aspects.

This segment of EzineAstrology tries to share out everything about Horoscopes. Basically this segment includes applications that cover almost every aspect of your life and personality like Career Horoscope, Love Horoscope, Financial Horoscope, Health Horoscope and many more yet to come. We recommend taking these predictions from us safely and implementing them to bring about good and positive changes in your life while keeping things fun and interesting.

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