Virgo 2017 Horoscope

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The impact of the malefic planets will create a mixed response regarding your love life. You must be careful about your love life this year. You will feel like inclining to start a new relationship. If you are currently in any relationship then you are likely to see intense and serious things in life. If you are older or middle aged couples then you might want to try new things. This year is a good time to change things in your relationship. Relationship with friends is likely to be deeper now. If you are not into any relationship then please do not start dating your friend in search of love. There are chances of growing respect and intense bonding with your partner by the end of this year.


Regarding you career this year is quite conducive and comfortable for the Virgos. In the beginning of the year you will notice increased work pressure. If you are looking for job then this year could be a beneficial for you. This year will boost your opportunities in terms of prosperity in livelihood. In the 3rd and 4th quarter you may notice negativity in your career life. In order to get desired results you must avoid over enthusiasm. You may feel disorganized, as though little is progressing. This is the time you must try to control. You can simply take the day off and spend time doing something that you love such as plan a little adventure: a picnic at the shore or a trip to the museum. By doing this you might feel less frustrated and things at work might improve dramatically.


Regarding your finance you must work hard this year as finance will become more important to you. If you are in business then there are opportunities of growth in your financial condition. Therefore, the beginning of the year would be good for you and you would be able to pay off all your credits and loans. In the last quarter of the year you may see sudden changes and fluctuations in your income. This might lead to the increase in your expenses. Hence it would be good for you to get ready for mixed results in finance throughout of the year. You must be wise over critical nature and also be relaxed in your thirst for perfection. You are not advised to enter into risky investment.


Being a Virgo, 2017 could be a little bit stressful regarding your health. It is not easy to predict any illness or injury but you would love to predict about health matter. In the early month of the year you may suffer from stomach discomfort but this could be the result of stress combined with the intake of lots of rich food. You must give some time to yourself for relaxing. You must focus on something which would help your mind to be calm. You can either take up a physical sport or exercise or dancing, racquetball, jogging or swimming as it works wonderful for making your mind calm. In order to refocus your mind, you must do these things and would give you a breather from the ever-present search for perfection. If there is heart problem in your family then you must take additional care of your heart by care and checkups to keep away from doubts, stress and sudden heart problem.


You must chant Sri Ram Chalisa. You can also donate black and white items such as black and white lentils, clothes, fruits and metals. You must be cautious with large transaction of money and documents. You can even use Vastu tips for rectification of residential areas.