Scorpio 2017 Horoscope

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In case of love relationship you will have mixed results for the beginning of the year till the 3rd quarter of the year. In your relationship there will be passion and understanding with your loved ones. You will try to bring harmony in your relationship by making your relation pleasant. If you any confusion or friction in the past then it is likely to get resolved. However, due to the impact of the malefic planets, there will be occasional use harsh words and friction and such behaviour is likely to damage your relationship. If you overlook minor frictions then there are less chances of worst relationship. In the last quarter of the year you need to struggle hard in order to bring comfort and develop good relationship.


Regarding your career you need to work hard than the previous year but not without a reward. At your work place you must be professional. You must always try to complete your work and then sign up for some extra work if possible. If you are able to be kind to your superiors and co-workers then you are likely to get success. You must also learn to deal diplomatically against your opposition. In the beginning of the year you are likely to get positive results. If you are looking for chances in the private and public sectors then you are likely to gain in their desired locations. Those who are in management, medicine, film, beauty, production, construction, acting, they are likely to note progress in their field and you are likely to flourish.


In 2017 you will notice continuous progress in your financial matter. In the first three quarter of the year you will have mixed situations. You can also notice some favourable conditions for yourself. In business you will have gainful conditions developing around you. If you are careful about expansion then you are likely to gain with your efforts. Impact of the malefic planets will increase your expenses. You will face difficulties in making investments and transaction of large sum of money. You must try to be careful and observant so that you can make definite progress in your financial matters by December. You must try to avoid making wasteful expenses. If you focus on the positivity of 2017 then you are likely to see tremendous gain in your well being.


2017 will be healthy for you regarding your health matter. Your face will reflect the vibrancy of your health. You will have good physical stamina and energy. You must make good efforts to maintain your health. If you are suffering from any illness then you are likely to recover very soon. In the beginning of the year you will have good health conditions and that too beyond expectation. If you have problems related to stomach, liver and gall bladder or spleen then it is likely to recover by this time. You must give some extra care to your liver and eyes by taking natural food, diet and water. Minor ailments, lethargy and laziness will keep challenging you periodically. The last quarter of the year will be particularly joyful as you are likely to take up new avenues to test your endurance and strength.


You must Chant 108 times Om Gang Ganapataye Namah every day. Try to donate black and yellow items such as lentils, clothes, fruits and metals etc. If you want to be financially secured then you must avoid lending money in 2017.