Pisces 2015 Horoscope

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This year is likely to be a romantic year for you. Last year had disturbed your harmony with your stable but this year you will have harmony with your spouse. If you are unmarried then this year is the perfect time to get married. If you are committed then it is the good time to form good bond with your spouse and you must communicate with your spouse. If you are single then you will find true love for yourself this year. You will be able to express your feelings and inner desires more easily and comfortably to your partner. This year you are likely to respect, adore and appreciate your partner that will help to strengthen your relationship.


Regarding your career 2015 will be bit challenging as you will have conflicts with your associates. There are chances of shifting your job. Despite of much challenge there will be promotion in the month of April. If you use your talent and start for new career then it would be a good time as 2015 is likely to encourage you. By the end of the year there will be growth and progress in your career life. If you a salaried person then you are likely to get promotion and rewards. You will work nicely in team. If you are in business then it would be the ideal time for expansion.


This year is likely to be good as well as bad regarding finance. You will spend more because of health problems and it is likely to affect your budget. You must try to save the money for now only. The positions of the planets are against your financial stability. Despite of much expenditure there are some luck and fortune knocking at your doors and it would be your decision to pick the right one for yourself. You must stick by your budget and would spend money only for the essential things. There is no money for unexpected expenditure and you must control yourself for some time till the middle of the year. You must be confident and work hard and you will find inflow of money by the end of the year.


In 2015 your health would be satisfactory but you will face some minor health issues. A serious accident will deter you to keep you a healthy and normal routine. For good health you must avoid fast food and stick to organic and home-made stuff .You must do exercise, eat good healthy food, social communication with friends and family and meditation are essential for you for healthy living. For mental peace you must stay connected with your inner soul. You must recharge yourself occasionally to keep yourself stress free. Do not give harsh physical strain to yourself. You must relax, enjoy and rejuvenate your spirits. You must be patient and try to remain healthy throughout the year.


Donate rice, jaggery and gram lentils in a temple.

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