Libra 2017 Horoscope

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Regarding your love life you will have mixed results from the beginning of the year till middle of September and this is because of the effect of the malefic planets. However, you will have pleasant relation with your partner. You will spend time by helping your partner in every possible way. You and your partner are likely to come closer by entertainment and travelling. Though there will be sudden problems yet the love between you two is likely to increase. In your relationship you will note respect and honour. If you are single then you are able to find love for yourself. If you have broken up recently then it is the high time for you to move on and by December you are sure to bloom your love life.


Being a Libra, this year you will try to learn new things. If you a school student then you are likely to be extra productive this year. If you are already working then you are always ready to learn some new skills for your job. You must work hard this year so that you can play later or even you can earn some bonus or increase in your salary. If you are in business then you must take decisions after thinking. You will have multiple opportunities to progress regarding your career. In September you are likely to experience big success at work. Your co-worker may help you in an important project. You should reward your co-worker and by doing so you will be able to earn more respect at work and also it will help you in your long run.


2017 is likely to bring both good and bad luck regarding your finances. In the first three quarter of the year you will note desirable progress. There will be a sudden increase in your expenses. You will not get desirable results by investing and this could a reason for you to stress. You must avoid over spending by now. However, by the last quarter of the year there will be an increase in your wealth. You may also see some bonus come from your work. You will notice that your efforts to increase and expand your finances will be successful and you will get your desirable results. If you are working in private or public units then you will note periods of gain coming to you this year. In business you are able to expand and fresh options are there for growth.


In case of your health you will sound better in 2017 but you must take some extra precautions for your heath. It is advisable to stay in discipline and you can be in it by following a good exercise regime. You prefer relaxation rather than doing exercise so it would be difficult for you to commit to nay such program. You must try to find out a regime that appeals your airy spirit. You must find out something that you really enjoy doing. You must make it a habit as it will prevent you from any kind of illness or injury. There will be improvement of health due to improved exercise routine. You will feel more energetic than ever before. Light stretching or simple yoga will help you to increase your physical capabilities and are likely to add sense of well-being.


You must cant Sri Ganesh Chalisa every day. Try to donate yellow and black items such as lentils, clothes, fruits and metals. Crash course on Yoga and meditation would be good for you.