Leo 2017 Horoscope

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In 2017 your love relationship s likely to go slowly but it is the best for you. In this year you will be famous and you will get respect from your family and society from January to mid of December. In your long term relationship you may experience some tension. If you had any controversy in the past then it is likely to get sorted. In order to develop harmony and comfort understanding is very important among your siblings. Your luck is likely to favour you this period. You are able to sooth your relationship. You must give some space to your loved ones and they will also return you compelling passion and fire. If you are in search for love then August month would be the ideal month for you. This year would be the high time for you to strengthen love and passion.


Regarding your career also this year would be a marvellous one. New opportunities are likely to come at your work place. You should not be afraid to take up them. Though much work could be stressful for you but it will pay off in the long run. If you are having good relationship with your boss then you might get a promotion in the future. You must focus upon your professionalism. You should not let your ego to overcome your work at this time. You may be offered some advice by your colleague. You must try to listen this time because you will be getting significant benefit regarding your career. By August, you will have some excitement at your work place. You may earn god name by cracking a tough project. You will get much appreciation and flattery this time.


In case of finance 2017 will be a good chance for the Leos as lot of money is likely to come this time. All your old investments are likely to pay off or there are chances of winning a lottery. However, in the beginning of the year you must stop your spending habit as this time could be a struggling period with higher expenses. Do not be distress. You must reassess your budget in order to get rid of the excess or you can start a fresh. In April, you will face some financial problems such as a legal issue which may cost more than expected or you need to pay off some debt. You should allow your ego to take over. Being a Leo, you must approach the problem calmly and logically and you are sure to resolve the problem. You must use your brilliant fire wisely and this year would be a epic year for you. Anyway by the end of the year you will get great success and there will be inflow of money.


This year suggests you that your energy level will rise and fall. If you feel energetic then you must do exercise for better body and mind. If you do not feel energetic then you should not push yourself. Your energy will return but remember to use your energy when you have it or else you may become lazy. In the beginning of the year you must make some changes regarding your health. From January to March you must concentrate on changing your lifestyle. You must alter your diet by eating fewer processed food. You must perform something that inspires your fiery nature. By August, you may face health problems. These health problems can be avoided if you live a disciplined and change your lifestyle habits. You must take your pleasures in moderation and reduce your anger and aggression through meditation or aromatherapy. By the end, you will have new healthier regime.


Chant Sri Bhairav Chalisa every day. Home remedies and proper diet will cure many ailments. You must donate yellow and white items such as yellow and white lentils, clothes, fruits, metals etc.