Gemini 2017 Horoscope

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Being a Gemini, you will always put your mind, body and soul into your love relationships. In the beginning of the year you should avoid harsh words and expect to boost up your relationships both friendly and romantic. If you are not currently in any relationship then this year could be an especially good time for you. However you must avoid friends for romantic relationship. You should not be afraid to step outside from your comfort zone. Your changing attitude might affect your long term relationship as your partner may feel neglected. You must try to give them give them extra special attention, whether it be little gifts, endearing words or a surprise holiday.


Regarding your career, you will note significant progress. If you are feeling stagnant in work then March and April is a good time for change. These months are good for big decisions. If you are wishing to begin your career then you must put intense efforts to get desired. In early December, a favourable time in your career begins for you. Hard work and dedication are likely come to fruition. Whether it is teaching, management, technology, medicine, film, beauty, building, be it in the military or law, sales, leadership, be it in production, there are good signs of success coming up for you. If you in competition, sports and in music then there is favourable growth for you.


Being a Gemini, you will be careful about finance in 2017. You will take financial decisions after thinking a lot. Regarding managing your wealth you will always re plan and you will invest your finance there only where you are sure to get profit. In this year you will have lots of opportunities and growth. Sometimes you will get mixed results due to the impact of the planets. This could be the year for you where you might think of making investment, especially September could be the financial gain for you. Before making decisions regarding money you must think before you act. There will be new financial opportunities and by December your new investment will begin to pay off.


In 2017 your health will be at its peak. Though you will have good health this year but you must be sure to do health examination so that everything is good. You must change your diet by adding a bit more fibre, avoiding spicy and stale foods, fried foods and do exercise early in the year. You prefer to do exercise but you get easily bored. The only solution you will have is to stick with the program. You must do something that will keep you interested. However, you will suffer from minor ailments due to the impact of the malefic transit of planets. The second half of the year could be productive, safe and better regarding your health. Always remember that good health does not lasts forever so you must cherish your health while it lasts.


Change in diet pattern can bring in vitality and strength. You must chant Durga Chalisa every day and donate yellow items such as yellow lentils, yellow clothes, yellow fruits and metals etc.