Aquarius 2019 Horoscope

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In case of love you are the most favoured zodiac signs by the stars in 2019. In the first quarter of the year you will have some good energy in your relationship. You and your partner will love each other unconditionally. You will have lot of love between you and your partner and will speak about everything with each other. If there are disputes then it is likely to melt away. You must use the favourable days to give love and get love in return. If you are single then you must keep your eyes open as someone may be admiring you from far. You will try to keep aside your responsibilities for searching love. If you are planning for getting married then this is highly favourable for you. In the second of the year there are high chances of conceiving for the newly married couples. This is the best time for scheduling a honeymoon and for enjoying the company of your lover.


Regarding your career, you will feel joy and pleased as all your worries are likely to ebb away this year. You may feel overly sentimental at times and your creativity will be at its best. You will be presented with an opportunity so that you are able to display your innovative ideas. You must use your analytical stability to ensure a better professional life. If you are in business then you must trust upon your instincts and your business judgment are in the right track. You are advised to listen to your inner voice as the planets are with you and pushing you forward. Your focus and attention you had for the career aspects will be successful. However, getting the desired results would not be so easy for you. If you are planning to relocate then you might face a bit difficulties as you will not be


In case of finance, in the first quarter of the year you are likely to enjoy the benefits of your hard work and also the earning power and productivity in investments will increase. This year would be good, lucrative and dynamic regarding finance. It is very important for you to avoid overreaching and being overambitious. If you are working in corporate law then you are likely to find that this year offers you with some great financial surprises. You may either receive word of a great new job opportunity that is well suited to you or you may be promoted and it will eventually add a good amount of money in your bank. You must use this time for professional development as it will take you to another step towards financial goal. Your expenses are likely to increase with the increase of your income. If you belong to a joint family then your expenses will be more which was not planned.


In the first six months of the year, you will enjoy an excellent physical shape. You can now take full advantage of the effects of any therapy. You must take proper care of your health as your immune system may make you feel weak and there is nothing which can stop you to enjoy the excellent health status. You are advised to revitalize and rejuvenate your body. Therefore, you can do that by keeping away yourself from junk food and street food as they are not prepared in hygienic. You are also advised to drink lots of water and you must increase your intake of fruits and vegetables. You will have sound health if you exercise daily. You must be more disciplined than the last year and also maintain a decorum regarding your diet, exercising, cycling or any other dancing. The temptation to break the rules of the diet is not a problem since you have a strong will. Planning the diet and the physical exercising program is an easy task for you because of your calm and rational thinking.


You should chant "Om Gang Ganpataye Namah" and worship Lord Ganesh. You may donate green colored things as per feasibility for the whole year.